Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dow Jones Tested 13k

I hope tomorrow morning when I open my eyes, I see 13,050 printed on ChannelNewsAsia! HSI 21k Boleh!!!

Precision Engineering/Manufacturing, the hidden industry that keeps appearing in my hit list everynight. Nan dao semi conductors really salt fish turn around? I recall sending an email to alert my 2 email groups abt possible turn in the semiconductor industry yesterday and today once again after screening the market, i am seeing a couple of precision related companies.

Bought StraitsAsia today after receiving a signal last night. Also bought HSI CW the day before when HSI was trading at 20,400 support. The thing about trading index is, we need to know what is happening globally. I see strength in US. For STI, very resilience. Infact i could feel the whole global market is waiting for something to happen. It was a very tight range trading for the last 3 days with neither the bulls nor bears winning. I doubt we are breaking down. Let us break upwards before cutting down...this will be more convincing.

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