Friday, April 13, 2007

Penny Stocks rule

I remember posting the key takeaways from an investment talk which I was part of. Construction was mentioned together with gas and oil plays. It is no surprise we are going to see new highs for construction companies again. While I miss their growing up days, after I reset my portfolio, i began to build around this sector. The current theme seems to be ulu stocks... stocks that are very very cheap and they breakout like crazy. Trading these stocks need to be nimble. Index tanked more than 1 percent and yet my portfolio made money. This is because I had stayed away from index stocks prefering to focus on the construction sector where my portfolio is at least 50% vested.

Alot of people has been asking me why do I blog so infrequent these days. Super busy these days running around. But here i am again! :D haha And not forgetting the quickpicks!!! :D

Yes my UnionMet reported a set of lousy report. Let's see do i need to cut position tomorrow. I am still holding onto sicksun read Seksun. Nothing bearish so got to hold and wait.

Did i buy Utac despite highlighting it is a good risk reward trade? No I didn't. I bought Wilmar instead on that day. I never like Tech stocks, they seems to be one day wonder... but look at Utac today... !@##@$# no choice, i cannot be everywhere.

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