Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Piggy New Year!

Decipher wishes all investors a bountiful, healthy and happy Piggy Year! May we continue to piggy back Ah gu all the way to STI 4000! Huat arh! : ) Also!!! Win more on the tables!! Big 4 Fortunes!! BlackJacks!! Best of all! Plenty of Aces when you play blackjack!! hahaha

Before I hibernate for the Chinese New Year Celebrations and become a chng kay on the blackjack table, I want to record down my observations. Now I have 2 years of solid trading dairy, we all can revisit the old archives and we will know what had happened in the market and conjure up anticipations.

Sesdaq had a beating this week as we see many stocks beaten down and only the index related are rallying. I suppose many retailers had the fear of a selldown after Chinese New Year and that they were cashing out their chips. This is particularly obvious on Friday, where it was observed during the morning the selling was very light in volume and then came mid day where chng kays come and sapu up shares at cheap. I too was cautious about what can happen after Chinese New Year, but! If alot of people had cashed out, then the likely hood of a crash becomes lesser. Everyone think the market will crash after Chinese New Year, so there is a possiblilty that it will be delayed. Why? Because in market, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Hence I myself sapu'ed a stock to try try. keke

I took a large part of my money off the market by selling 4 stocks this week. This is inline with my risk management plans. I do not want to hold too many positions through the holidays and hence when my stops are triggered, i promptly and thankfully took my profits. Jiutian protective stop was triggered and guess what??? It went back up!!! Ki si lang!! But nevermind, I have to be discipline and afterall it was a big profit. I will never forget those painful days where my profits became losses!!! No more Stupid Trading!!! As for my losing positions in BengKuan and Aqua, I bought small at Bengkuan and intend to add when correct, however, it shocked the hell out of me when the chngkay just hands off and let the stock fell. What I did correct was to follow my trading signal and buy a smaller than usual position as the rest of the market looks shaky. As for Aqua, the rights issue will mean dilution of shares and hence the price is expected to fell. This is where charts can be thrown out of the window until the market decides a "fair price" and I will trade myself out of trouble.

I did not sell Hang Seng as yet because 21k is now a possibility once again! This after the market fails to break the 20k support and the rebound was strong as it retested the resistance immediately. Given a real bear, the rebound will not have been so strong, it needs serious buyers to do that. Retailers alone can't make up such strength, funds could be behind this.

GrowMoney Growth Fund
CoscoCorp @ 1.31
TatHong @ 1.16
Amara @ 0.450
MediaRing @ 0.325
Jasper @ 0.025
Aqua-Terra @ 0.560
BengKuan @ 0.670
AsiaEnv @ 0.475

Sold Jiutian @1.99
Bought BengKuan @ 0.670
Bought AsiaEnv @ 0.475

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