Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chao Aqua

Big Ben was friendly tonight and US has broken the 12,700 resistance... 13k looks possible for now. Now... we have a strong US market + Our own budget at 3pm tomorrow... I don't see why we cannot rally at least in the morning? My HSI 21k dream is alive once again. This after we close a possible bullish harami pattern pending a white candle confirmation tomorrow. With a 500 points decline on tuesday, the selling stopped and the major trendline holds out. If we can close a white candle tomorrow, Friday brings great chance to see HSI BBQ the shortists alive! I will stick to my plan for HSI as per decided over the weekend. As for the rest of the trades, i am still not adding aggressively and still looking to unload and relook.

The pattern recently seems to be sell on news...and it has to happen to both my counters!!! pui! Check out the charts below.

Chao Aqua.... the selling today is really disgusting, classic sell on news... here's my chart. While many placed their support at 0.540, mine was at 0.505 a worse case scenario when i put on the trade.

Cosco Corp: Another sell on news.... pui! Protective Stop Tightened!!

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