Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bears Gored Alive By Bulls

All set to rumble!!! haha Wah all the bears surely gored apart by the bulls. Fed's comments was so friendly last night!! wah! They actually said inflation is contained!!! wah liew eh!!! Such a different tone from the past! New highs new highs!!! Another bullish sign, did you guys watch the news? A bull was roaming freely at some carpark in Japan! Is this a strong hint that Nikkei is going to rock the roof tomorrow??? hahaha

This has certainly been a volatile week! Instead of a black candle following a "shooting star" kind of formation, we are going to close with a white candle and it's new high once again. 2 weeks to budget day and CNY, don't bet against it... just follow along! :D

My trade on HSI yielded profit. I was tempted to adjust my position thus reduce my risk today. But since market reacted to the Fed minutes very well, the sell off this week could jolly well be a healthy shake out of fats and the bulls may run again. My target of 20,600 level for HSI looks achieveable for now. Hence I decided to go for the jugular! HSI to break 21k before CNY!!! Cheong arh!!!! I want a big fat Chinese New Year!!!! Huat arh!!

GrowMoney Growth Fund
CoscoCorp @ 1.31
TatHong @ 1.16
JiuTian @ 1.05
MediaRing @ 0.325
Jasper @ 0.025
Amara @ 0.450
SeeHupSeng @ 0.470

GrowMoney QuickPicks

Epure's spread today looks so obvious that this stock is cornered! I will stay clear of it. Hence am only tracking Kingboard from yesterday's quickpick list. I am very interested in both DBS and Capitaland....leading sector of the STI....

Chinese New Year Special!

Not my business hor! So don't expect to see me delivering the bak kwa to your place! haha Just an advertising. If you are running a business and would like to make use of my blog, feel free to email me. : )

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