Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stock Market is at historical high again!

My research of pre elections rally proves itself. This is the prelude to a correction after Elections since my research also showed that the past 2 elections always result in a market corrections thereafter. It's insane to see market hit 20 pointers gain for 2 consecutive days. Some China plays are back into the limelight...chinasun, chinapetro... This tells me one thing...only the leaders of a play will rebound strongest! For laggards, it is not the best of interest to hold on and hope. That's why I cut my ChinaWheel. All along it is never a leader in China rallys. Banks are in the lead today. The wise man said,"if laggards like banks start to move, it's time to get out and watch." I will observe and get out at the slightest bearish hints.

My sincere apologies to brokers. I have since removed the passage from my article. My intention was to entice visitors to "reward" me at my blog however i have also unwittingly discredited brokers. It must be the elections updates on the TV distracting me and I end up insinuating brokers just like the election rallies. keke Sorry! Next time I will watch what I say. : )

GrowMoney QuickPick
Stock: Line of Least Resistance
AsiaPower: 0.370
Biosensor: 1.31
Celestial: 1.64
Chartered: 1.87
ChinaFish: 3.56
Cosco: 1.48
GlobalTest: 0.370
SuperCoffee: 0.620
UTAC: 1.10

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