Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebound lai liao!

The story of the day must be the fallen NOL. I just can't believe i miss it.... gosh! I may play act...pretend to be in great pain in office, but that's to create atmosphere nia... actually nothing la... miss lor it's ok. Like i said, it was the best thing to do that day. Just like today, i square off ST-Eng for kopi lui. I getting uneasy with this trade because we are due for a rebound and yet most of the stocks mai loke. Hence instead of seeing ST-Eng short becomes a loss, i rather take the kopi moiney.

As for UOL, i am still holding. I am still looking for a reason to sell which i have't seen any yet.

The intra week rebound i am waiting for may have happened.... Dow is up more than 200 points right now... As usual, those who are late in shorting will be BBQ'ed.... this is why i never liked to short on breakout, the pull back is almost guaranteed. Then can we long/short the next breakout since i said it's almost guaranteed it will pull back? Guess what? The moment you fade a breakout, it will break powerfully and squeeze you. Then when you trade along a breakout, it will pull back and make you go green in the face. Don't ask me why it happens, it just happens! hahaha

With this rebound, it will be interesting to observe those resistances on the index and the stocks.. maybe the chance to katek more is here... or the point of reversal?

After Wednesday closing, i may have a clearer picture.

NOL: What else can i say..... 隐隐作痛

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