Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Market Pulled Back

Fwah with my hands full of stocks, it's really chaotic trying to read the price actions. Simply could not get a good feel. Anyway didn't have time to really look at them, only periodically checking nia.

After a strong Monday, the market promptly pulled back. Alot will be depended on US tonight. But for US, it is a volatile week as well with a number of economic data coming out. If US goes green, all the losses may gain back tomorrow. If it's red, then i will be locking in profits.

Pine that I bought yesterday pulled back with heavy volume something that i never liked. Anyway support at 0.570 should hold and we should see pine testing the upper downtrend resistance for a third try, break that, uptrend should resume. However if it breaks 0.570, the upper trendline channel will be broken and I shall run first.

While i am deep in profits in many of my stocks, I shall not be complacent and sit on losses. Winners never sit on losses! If i'm wrong I need to manage my risk and not sit and hope!

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Events Updates
I am pleased to announce that I have 3 more engagements!!! with ChartNexus in the following weeks! keke Things are really hotting up this 2007! A big thank you for the great feedback forms from the last few classes, it is your feedback forms that encouraged ChartNexus to contract me again! :D The 3 include the usual Cracking the Stock Market Code intake 7!!! last week of Jan, then the SGX Auditorium workshop in Feb and one more in NUS!

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