Thursday, January 18, 2007

75% Vested

Ah Ben is going to speak tonight, this is very key. Let us not forget how he's first speech send the market tumbling down in May'06. Market run up was partly due to the fact that it anticipates a cut in interest rate this year due to slowing economy. Last night PPI surprised on the upside but yet market didn't fall which it normally would. I smell a rat. Maybe market is anticipating friendly CPI numbers and music to the ears kind of speech by big Ben.

I bought Amara yesterday to bring my total portfolio to 9 stocks and about 75% of my cash invested. I'll be looking to take profits on some of my trades, those in the money with good FA, i shall continue to ride the trend. My method of trading is base on daily charts hence buying at the lows of uptrend catching the resume of uptrend as it happens. That is also why you see most of the quickpicks are spot on. Just imaging swimming in the sea, it will be easier to swing along with the current. Some of course will be wrong and we will cut lose promptly, but if you get it right, wu la la, JiuTian, Cosco, Tat Hong..... This is how it goes , "Cut the losses short, Ride the winners long" I'm sure alot of you are employees like me, we have no time to monitor the market day in day out. So the next best thing to do is to find entry points for for uptrending stocks, as soon as you get the winner, you can ride the way up! This way, you continue your profession and yet your money is growing in the bank! :D Huat arh!

Dudes, remember weekly candle is formed by monday through friday. Do check the weekly charts as well, u will notice most of them are still pink in health. Thursday night is always important to me because I can anticipate how the weekly candle will close on Friday.

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*No quickpicks tonight as clearly, it doesn't make sense for me to load up anymore! haha

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