Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amara and 3 Free Lunches

Found the title wierd? Well this is the story... last Wednesday, after buying Amara, I went to 4 friends and patted their back, "Lai ah Buy Amara! 0.450...dun say i no kai seow ah! By Friday will be 0.470 and next week 0.50!" and I keep repeating! Yes, in private i am as funny as you read here! hahaha 3 of them immediately bought and 1 of them thought i was mad. All were actually unsure but because they knew I am very passionate and commited to Trading, they just followed along.... Now I have 3 free lunches! wah shiok man. keke Next time all I have to do is kai seow them to buy along and I dun have to foot my bills for lunch! hehehe The price actions of Amara was very neat...a familiar pattern that I have seen before and when the market pulled back and Amara was intact, i know we have a chance. Couple that up with property and hotels in play, another strong reason. The best part was, IT APPEARED IN MY OWN QUICKPICK! So for now, I will continue to feed those dudes any trades i am on and presto! free lunch! hehehe

Last night DJ's pull back was pretty surprising...and I thought our market is going to die... But wah wah wah, Die we did not, Nikkei open firm and HSI was also firm and absorbing the selling pretty well. Same goes for our bourse. The best part was, my portfolio continued to grow. The nicest thing to observe was, when market pulled back, my stocks pull back by 1 or 2 bids only. That is strength! It seems to tell me more upside coming and that i should continue to watch the price actions and not sell just because I think market is very high liao. The cheer of the day no doubt goes to ChinaEnergy! After weeks of waiting, finally the giant rockets off in an explosive manner! Now it will be interesting to see if it can gap up and continues. Tonight can have sweet dreams liao. I just checked DJ's chart, it has bounced off 20 MA yet again. This can be the support for a continuous uptrend. Let's see how well market defends this moving average.

Highlight of the Trading week!

GrowMoney Growth Fund
Pine Agritech

*As i am 75% vested, I am not looking to buy and hence no quickpicks. XPertTrader users, I saw some of the stocks picked up by my rule quite swee...I wish you all the best! Huat arh!!!

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