Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Strategy Classes Review

Today i completed the last of September's Strategy Class. A big thank you to 40 of you who attended and I hope I have served you well. Sad to say, while we had so much interaction and fun last Thursday, today the energy level was obviously down by alot! I didn't think it was as good as the previous. I could see bored faces. Perhaps the strategy is too simple for you? My delivery is not convincing? Market tua lao today? Whatever it is, your feedbacks will be analysed and we will make October's Strategy class more exciting. If you have some ideas on what should be on the contents, feel free to drop me an email. The learning community that I mentioned in class should be up soon and I will personally guide you on this continuous education. For those with XpertTrader questions, it is no doubt a powerful stocks filtering tool, but it serves you no purpose if you don't know how to use it. Hence we will be having a site where rules used by me or others will be made available to you in the very near future, do look out for it. Once again, I thank you for the participation.

As for market analysis, US is rallying now, focus on Tech stocks, i keep shouting that they are firm they are firm. Now we know why, Nasdaq tua tua cheong! Now I would like to see my UTAC breaks 0.760 resistance. This should give me ample profits to feel comfortable. Celestial, resting precauriously on 1.53 support. I didn't cut yet as I see HSI finishing strongly and believe retailers are selling out of fear. With a sustained bullish sentiment tomorrow, i'm looking forward to Celestial to rebound. Cosco Corp, deep in the money, i shall ride on. So far i feel comfortable with it's price actions.

After studying options trading for months, i began to see similar opportunities in warrants. The utmost important thing is Strike Price! I will be using the gapping strategy for options for this coming results season. Currently paper trading showed that choosing the correct strike price works very well in directional trades. Basic T.A on catching reversal is profitable too. Options Strategies so far didn't work as well for me, because often time, the breakeven for strategies are too far away to be profitable. I thought about it, Strategies ensures you have limited losses. But if I were to place cut loss level when I put on a naked call or put, i will be fine. Another observation, T.A seems to work better in US. Soon you will read about US market instead! lol hahaha

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