Thursday, September 28, 2006

Property Counters take the lead

No matter how i scan the market using my rules in XpertTrader, property counters keep coming up. I saw All Green a couple of times and over the last few days it really made new highs.
Today Suntec made a spectacular volume of 22.9 million. In theory, when a stock is at all time high, the supply of shares should be scarce because there are no overhang shareholders. This is a danger signal flashing!

Capitaland's pivot points are at 5.10 & 5.15
Cosco Corp 1.67
Keppel Land 5.05
Labroy Marine 1.72
JurTech supported by it's 50MA
Celestial supported by 50 MA
Midas supported by 50MA

Special mention about Tech sector...unusually quiet. Perhaps after Properties are done with their move, Tech sector is the next to lead STI?

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