Tuesday, July 11, 2006


As much as I am very dis-satisfied with myself for selling too early, i began to question my decision. Sold Celestial at 1.49 after seeing weakness in china stocks. It went on to test 1.62! Sold Cosco at 1.30 after i see hesistations at resistance. Today it closed at 1.35! These are all too familiar in my career. Trading is never easy. I remember times when i overstayed my welcome in a stock and see my profits go up in smoke hence this time round I decided to take quick profits. Miss I did, but profits I keep. Make sense? I'm not really sure at times because it really felt silly to be missing from the big moves however at the same time, if the stock reverses and took back your paper profits, I will look more silly. Gosh!! Indeed it's not easy! Recalling all the theories, I think it only make sense to hold and ride your way up is when the general market sentiment is bullish. Your odds will be higher. Right now, uncertainties still hang in the air. Regional indices were volatile and soon, our STI will be affected.

A good thing i did over the last 48 hours was to sell according to my plans. It cut away the emotional factor in my decision making. I noticed that many stocks did not have the strength to close at their high and this sound like alarm bells in my head. One by one, i took profits from my stocks. When i'm finally done, I went for Chinasun because from the chart, it's shooting star didn't have a confirmation and I bet for HSI to save china stocks again which we all know by now did not happen. I promptly cut today. The other factor was the wide angled view of sector or stocks group. They move in tantem and often you can realise rotational interest.

Now i'm 100% again and am looking for the next trade. Stay tuned!

The Board of Directors of CSE Global Limited wishes to announce that the Company will release its second quarter/half-year financial results for 2006 via SGXNet after trading hours on 10 August 2006.

SPH's operating profit up 2.2% quarter on quarter. But!!! without it's investment income, profit is actually down 8.8% due to higher newsprint and other operating costs.

Chartered Results on 21st July

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