Thursday, July 20, 2006

Markets replied with massive gains!

From the look of STI's weekly chart, it will be nice to close around 2383 or even break 2400. Because we will form a candlesticks reversal pattern known as Bull piercing pattern! Which is to say, potentially more upside next week. Another anticipation is a slightly normal reaction by world markets due to the big gains today. If we close mixed tomorrow, with the risk of Middle-east unrest, the brave ones might want to pick up some gems to hold over the weekend. The reward is ceasefire in middle-east and Monday you will be laughing all the way to the bank. The risk, is at most a small gap down. In my humble opinion, I do not feel a fierce sell off from here.

Labroy Marine

UTAC: Weekly chart forming a hammer if this week close between 0.690 to 0.710. But hammer needs a white candle confirmation. FA wise, plenty of house downgrades UTAC. So could be a fast rebound only.

Cosco Corp: Running into resistances soon But strength is seen in same sector. Labroy and Semb Marine.

ChinaSun, 0.845 is key...

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