Wednesday, July 05, 2006

COSCO Ship update

Samle of GrowMoney Yahoo Group email:

Hello fellas!

How's trading? I know it's been a long time since i write privately
to the group. No good lobangs recently. However I found a pretty
neat idea on earning from the internet advertising. We will talk more
about it later part of the email. But when you see me posting
articles...i am coming back! It's time to make money! :D

As for market directions, before the sell down, i had been very
cautious after the elections as i mentioned that history showed that
market will be down. I never expect the selling to be of such
magnitude! Now that worldcup is coming to an end, it's time to start
looking again. I myself have been picking up and selling over the
last 2 weeks, making a little first because I think market can still
swing wildly.

With the market rebounded from the lows in May, please do not think
the bear market days are over! This is a dangerous thought. This can
just be a rebound and a fall to the downside will hurt many who have
become complacent. I urge all of us to be more attentive to your
holdings now. It is pretty unhealthy for the market to keep pushing
higher without some selling and retracement. Remember Apr/May? We keep
going up and finally collapsed! Did you see how the china stocks keep
pushing up? wah even i am surprised! While i noticed that they were
struggling to break resistance, today they simply blast through! But
my eyes were on the local stocks. National Day is coming!!! Singtel,
GLC-linked take a look at them...when market is busy
with china stocks...i think Index linked counters is worth taking a
look! :D That's also why i am holding to my cosco.

Another trick is to look at a stock's last
fundamentals have not changed. Only the sentiment of the market has
changed. So look for those companies with growth still in them and of
course, potentially good results!

Alot of people have been asking about SPH. For me, as long as they
are not selling paragon, this is a reason to hold on to it! :D Do you
know paragon is woth at least $0.50 per share??? That's more than 10%
at current stock price! Once they sell, i will collect the dividends
+ special dividends and look elsewhere.

While others like to boast about what had already happened, i am
different! Firstly, i'm not a guru. I think sharing the next move is
better for everyone instead of leaving you drooling abt what i had
bought. Of course you need to do ur own analysis on top of mine to
decide instead of following blindly.

Here's the bit about internet advertising. As you all know, i'm out
of the google adsense program. No more free lunch at kopi tiams..keke
But!!! I have found another local company who is doing internet
marketing too. It's at it's infancy stage but i'm diving in because:
- no capital required
- I earned money from internet advertising before and know it's not a
scam (Google Adsense)
- Simple way to earn pocket money, since we got to be online anyway

Now instead of clicking google ads to support poor old
Decipher...where you don't get a share of it! ha! But at least good
stocks pick right? :P Now with email cash pro, you can earn from the
internet too! Now we can all grow money together!
This is my referal link, so it will be good if you sign up via me.
It's something like MLM...many levels..

P.S Watch this space, national day is coming, i will scrutinise all
the GLCs or index stocks. For those who have the time to trade
frequently, you can visit my blog for daily dose. This is the time to
stop thinking abt worldcup and start making money via trading!