Monday, July 24, 2006

Market Indices ki seow *crazy*

At the point of writting, Dow Jones and Nasdaq are having another crazy night! Dish of the night.....*drum roll* Stewed Bear paws! With conflict still on going, last week's sell off on Thursday and Friday looking bearish, Nikkei and HSI opened weak and then close strongly. I was tempted to buy their warrants at closing but my brains stopped me. I thought it's not wise of me to be gambling that tonight Dow Jones will rally. I should be placing bet after the market showed me where it is determined to go. However tonight I learn a lesson! If ever I see the same situation happening, JUST DO IT!!!

Tomorrow, my eyes will be on Celestial & Sino-Env. As for warrants, I will be looking to hold positions on HSI warrants.

GrowMoney Blueline Theory!
I like the following 3 stocks as they are trading near their all time high!
Semb Marine

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