Monday, October 03, 2005

Calm before the storm

Another mixed day of trading today. The Bali bomb did not impact us too much. Sorry folks, there are no charts to post today. I wouldn't want to chart anything on a biase sentiment. Indecision is all I see. It's easier to pick a winner in a bull rally than on quiet days. For me, the risk just ain't worth it.

My decision to take profit on Keppel Land babies looks good. The closing of 0.490 was shaved to 0.455 today. My buy price was 0.470 then. So now i await another opportunity to buy back this IR babe.

SPH continues to be a mystery to me. If the selling is fierce, so is the buying. Good buying support has been seen keeping the price above 4.60 in the last 2 sessions. The recent push up to 4.70 could be the chance for those big players to sell and get profit! Damn, i was too slow to realise that.

A pilot test for those who loves breakouts. My second system picks up:

Let's see how this two perfom this week.