Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Here without Dow

Dow is closed tonight and hence we saw quite a fair bit of profit taking at closing. Notably construction counters. Tomorrow's open will be guided by Nikkei or any newsflow locally. I like intra week selling as it may set up a grand finish to the week.

If you are curious, how come the quickpicks are so uncannily accurate, don't be. I never expect them to outperform the market. They are just stocks from my personal analysis where I think the risk/reward is good. Movement is just a matter of time. It is the responsibility of the trader to know when to execute. There will be times when we are wrong, times when we are right. What matters most is you win more when you are right, and u lose small when you are wrong. All these are part of a trading system. By the way, only 6 places are left for my class on the 14th of July! There is no reason for you to lose in a bull market. If you dare to click buy button, i urge you to join my events and let me share with you my system.

At each ChartNexus workshop i never fail to mention that, at chartnexus, we are traders too! haha Now that I joined the team full time, i couldn't agree more with the statement. Today we were planning a move on a warrant! :D haha Maybe the boss will take it as part of company bonus and act blur at year end??? hahaha

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