Friday, July 20, 2007

GrowMoney Blog Privatised!

Dearest all,

Do not be alarmed by the new look. You have come to the right site. The story goes like this, I was offered to take my blog private and host on a domain instead of blogspot.... F.O.C! After weeks of negotiations, MOU was signed and today phase 1 launch! You will see more good stuffs on this site in the near future! :) Would you want a space to chart perhaps? or an alert to flag impt price movements? Soon...... Huat arh!!

Today I sold ChinaTrans when Midas drop like a stone due to some negative rumour. It reminded me of the days when CAO got into trouble and the rest of the red army got whacked. I feel safer to hold offshore sector stocks for now and still favour them. The developer charge tax has got nothing to do with them. Hence they are innocent in the panic selling. With 70% cash, there is alot I can do. : )

Historically whenever DJ is testing round numbers 11k,12k,13k,14k it breaks through for a few sessions and then retrace. Hence next week, i will watch for negative price movement.

The rebound today is very strong. Tomorrow we should be green green and it will be natural for profit taking to take place at the end of the session. If i like the price actions accross the board, I will look to add shares into my growth fund.

Update about 4th August 2007, Cracking the Stock Market Code Intake 16
There are ONLY 9 SEATS LEFT!

DISCLAIMER: This is not an inducement to buy or sell. You should do your own analysis on top of my postings.