Thursday, May 03, 2007

STI Tangos with Historical High

Another new record was achieved today before pulling back for a weaker close. HSI threatens the resistance at 20,800 tomorrow, however since it is a Friday, maybe not much incentive to close above that. 1 good reason for today's good run could be due to Nikkei's absence. It has been a party pooper whole of last week when DJ broke 13K. I will update HSI chart again tomorrow morning because the data only gets updated at 7am for previous closing.

Something about Cosco. I observed that while many stocks has recovered from the Feb corrections and went on to test new highs, Cosco was not one of them. That is why I have not boarded back onto it all this while. Suspicions were later confirmed with a poorer than expected Q1 results. I have been following Cosco for years (it doubled my money during last run) so far this is the first time it has posted a rather slower growth. Time to watch out. The nasty surprises always hit us when the going is still good. Think about the IT bubble days.... the pain should not be repeated. Stay alert!

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Just a quick update of my growth fund! : )

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Straits was added last week after a buy signal was triggered. SkyPetrol which I bought at 0.470 has gone down to 0.430. Though nothing bearish as yet, but i don't like to ride on losses. Disciplinary actions to be taken soon.

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