Monday, May 28, 2007

Bulls hold steady for now....nervy

Nothing has changed over the years. There is up there is down....the sooner you are able to step aside and look at the market from the outside, it cannot be more clearer. I was away for at least 5 days and I know the market pulled back. However base on technical analysis standpoint, still looks healthy! I stopped buying many weeks ago and began consolidating my positions as we head higher in anticipation of this pull back. Now that it has happened, I know exactly my next steps! This is why it is so important to have a trading system in place and not trade the market randomly. I was at burger king @ Expo where I overheard a conversation where a man called his broker to pay off his MARGIN loss! With the rebound in the market today, i'm sure he is feeling very frustrated for cutting loss unnecessary. Margin....a double edged sword.

It is AMAZING! My technical analysis course (CSMC) intake 13 had closed 1 week in advance! Woah! I am simply very excited and thankful to the 30 who signed up. Guess what, already 6 had paid and will be coming on the 30th June, intake 14! If you are one of the 30...other than making sure you go home with a trading system, I am going to give you a surprise bonus! Universe rewards those who take actions. : )

Although I blog about the Singapore Stock Market, my new blog on US options will be up soon!!! Yes! Progression!!! The number 1 rule to success is progression and always hungry for more! This is why technical analysis must and should be learnt! If you can't beat smart money, the least you could do is to be able to forecast the market's direction. You can then comfortably slip into any market and confidently trade! By the way I recently came across this Trading System on forex..... yes.. Forex is on the radar!

By the way, I declare that I am close....very very close to be doing this FULL TIME!!! Stay tuned....