Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Money no enough

I can only salivate at all the quickpicks. How to buy all??? While i am able to get into noble, swiber and straitsasia, but i also missed hobee, CAO, FerroChina! argh!!!! Just have to be thankful that i have some of them. The best part is, instituitions issue reports on my purchases after i bought them. Are they using the same system as me??? hmm.... keke I am tempted to contra...but that will be deviating from my trading system that has worked consistently well for me. Discipline! The 3 stages of trading... Survive....Consistent Profits....Massive Profits. I am now at stage 2....patience...soon i'll arrive at stage 3. The worse and most stupid thing is to self sabotage my system now.

HSI tanked and didn't show the same bulllishness as DJ. This is not insync. I see this as warning. Why does Nikkei and HSI not joining DJ in testing new high? Either we are having a great opportunity to load up HSI now and awaits the test at 21K or... the unthinkable... DJ to corrects which will see HSI faling below 20k. When the 2 giants fall, STI the baby no eyes see.

From my XPertTrader screening, I see many stocks turning. Most likely tomorrow will be another rally day. Today STI rebounded with a vengeance. Very very sweet to see 3400 again. Are you ready to see 3500? Better be!

GrowMoney Quickpicks

With more than 200 graduates from CSMC (Cracking the Stock Market Code), my time is further split between this blog and the graduates alumni mailing list that i head. This is why you see the infrequent blogging. I reckoned i ought to help them as much as I can if time permits since they believed in me and attended CSMC. Anyone of you who are from the course and had not been invited to the email group. Please send me an email, i will add u in.

Also, i am trading the US Options. I reckoned, if bear market comes along, liquidity will dry up in the Singapore bourse. Those who seen 2002 will know what i'm talking about. Then how to make money? Hence I am preparing myself for the day the need arise for me to trade the short side in US. The facility for shorting is much more convenient.

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