Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last Trading Day of 2006

It began fantastically and is going to end in the similar fashion. Congratulations to all those who made money this year! : ) Those who lost instead of win, something is not right! Please do something about it. I am like you losing money in a bullish year before and if I can reverse the situation, so can you!

I think throughout the year, I have sent only a couple of message to my yahoo group. It began in January where I pre-empted the move of property and banks correctly, then when market crashed in May, I highlighted ship repair sector to watch and a possible rebound in stock market in July and the latest message was to buy on weakness in the week leading to the last week of 2006. I am glad I have been helpful in your quest to GROW MONEY!

2006 will also be remembered for my venture into public speaking and training for Technical Analysis. Thank you to all those who have attended my courses or workshops and I look forward to meeting the hundreds of you again in 2007! Huat arh!

It's a pity that I couldn't be online to share my analysis over the last week, my girl was hospitalised with suspected dengue fever and i have to step up to take care of her. For those who have sent your regards via email, a big thank you. : ) Great news, her blood palletes rebounded and today formed a bullish reversal pattern! keke Her fever is hitting into resistance and anytime will reverse into a downtrend and then can be discharged liao!! : )

This week was suppose to be a great chance to make money but alas I have to give it up. No regrets though... read on. Wealth or Health, which should come first? I believe everything happens for a reason in life. If I haven't lost heavily in the market before, I will definitely not appreciate how to be patient and learn the right way to trade. Destiny wants me to spend the last week of the year in hospital and miss trading for a reason, to witness the suffering of the many patients warded. It reminded me that money is not everything. If you do not have the health to enjoy the wealth, you will spend the wealth to mend the health.

Decipher would like to take this chance to wish everyone a healthy and bountiful 2007 ahead!

Happy New Year Folks!

Yours sincerely,

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Year End Open Positions:
Cosco Corp
Tat Hong

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