Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good CPI, Good PPI too?

Can it be double happiness for US market? CPI numbers came in good and we are expecting PPI number on Tuesday. If that turns out good as well, u la la~~~ I have been stopped out of my last STI PW. Looks like this bull is very strong. Last week was a super good chance to drag all investors and traders into mourning but Ah Gu came back and lift us up. A check on the weekly charts of major indices globally shows that the trend is still intact and more upside could be coming.

I have gotten a HSI CW on Friday after cutting loss on my STI PW. Also for the rest of the week, my strategy will be to buy on down days for the Capricon Effect.

I have good news! GrowMoney group has the most members in the yahoo investment and trading groups! Our community has indeed grew alot of the past year. I hope as the moderator, I had served you well. : ) Cheers!

And for those who missed my last Technical Analysis Class, mark your calendar, I will be kick starting ChartNexus series of courses and workshops with Cracking the Stock Market Code.....6th Intake! Information can be obtained at

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