Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interest rotated back in Properties sector

The sign i was waiting for has appeared. That is the breaking of previous high in the property sector. It doesn't matter whether isit the banks or the props or the offshore. One of them ought to lead. Now that the props have moved, I set my sights on the below:

a. They must continue to go up, or at least no candlestick weakness. I view it extremely bearish if this breakout come back down on heavy volume.
b. Banks, offshore to be the next. Tech sector? I wouldn't bet on them as yet.
c. Offshore services like swiber, federal, swissco...etc.. should also be on the watchlist.
d. Commodities, i think put one side first..
e. My friend reminded me that the settlement for index May futures is coming up...hence index may be volatile.. acid test is what happens after that.

Super test my patience... it is trading nicely along the 20-dma.. When will it's turn come? Semb Mar, YZJ, Kepcorp still running... Unless, cancellation of contracts again??? Or major shareholder selling? But like Genting, if want to sell, should be selling above 1.40 ma, bo li you sell at 1.20???

Singtel: Though slow, but may see $3 soon?

SGX: Doesn't it look just like Cosco? Maybe banks and financials to power STI towards 2400? :P

Genting: Stock market never changed because human never change. - quoted by my ang mo teacher. This kind of scenario happened like so many many many times in my young career as a trader. Say young also not very young...anymore.. now i beginning to see younger faces at seminars... haha i used to be the youngest.. not anymore. :D But if insiders want to sell, surely they will sell at high high price and thus, the share price ought to go higher first. How can they do this? Read the book by Livermore... he was approached to do this for a professional fee... How dirty this market is.... this is a warning for those who are new to the stock market.

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