Sunday, May 31, 2009

Financials to lead next wave?

On the last trading day of the week, finally i see some glimpse of hope from the financial sector. If market is to move in a rotation fashion, then surely it will be their turn to rock the market while properties take a rest? The powerful rally of the property sector reminded me of 2005 where Mr Mah announce a bullish news for the developer... something like they make it easier to buy private properties... then all hell breaks lose for the property sector. Perhaps some news is leaking out already? Anyway, since i don't belong to the privileged, i need to work harder.

Currently, the divergence on Dow is very pronounced. As such, i am not adding positions as yet. The last time i ignored a divergence, orh bak kak... keke those sudden crash type of market... the pain still lingers inside me... the fear is almost bone crushing.. 8.6k is where i set my sights on...

After doing my random walk in the stock market through XPertTrader, generally i have 2 feels. Firstly, there are strong closing on some index stocks, especially those properties... then i saw many ugly closing with long upper shadows that comes with high volume... this is an unwelcome sight. It smells of bear. To me, financials and offshore should lead the next wave. Otherwise, i am turning cautious.

I believe if Nikkei ignores North Korea again, HSI plays catchup then we will have a wonderful rally tomorrow. Otherwise that stupid curly hair kwai lan kia may spoil this party.

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