Monday, September 29, 2008

Double blows to the bulls

As many would have guessed, how can there be no bailout plan? The bailout plan is 90% complete pending approval now. The market took a double blow when another big bank ought to sell some assets to Citi and then over at europe side, a couple of banks have to be rescued. This is evidence that the credit crunch has spread.... all we need is one such case in Asia and we might see more blood. Even HK dai kor HSI also ozzes blood today... 4% hor... no joke. My view of a short term rebound due to the bail out package seems to be too optimistic. Even the bullish divergence looks to be negated by the selling today. But! As we draw closer to the previous low, the better.... coz' technically a bottom formation may be formed.

Currently i am enjoying the ang mo platform alot... it gives me so much options! I am both into stocks and forex and index... wah if not for my limited brain cells, i would have monitored commodities too!

Continue to hold Synear... what i need is tainted dumpling over here! keke

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