Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buffett's US$5B inspired Asia

Asia opened positive and closed higher encouraged by Buffett's overnight US$5B purchase of goldman sachs. I was stopped out of my S&P long overnight. Did i turn long? Not yet... i still ain't see resistance broken yet. The way where market fell from resistance with high volume yesterday may suggest strong hands unloading. To be sure, the next time we are at resistances, the selling will come with heavy volume yet again.

Friday is the dateline of the bailout plan. Currently the market is undecided with neither the bulls nor the bears dare to take much risk. The bailout plan can cause the market to swing either way.... i am keeping a lookout and watching how market is anticipating the move.

Again most of the prices are in the middle of nowhere, during this volatile times, it is prudent to wait for the price at significant levels.

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