Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big swings

I skipped one night of blogging because i went to a preview talk on a trading platform. I struggled. I stared down the corridor which leads to my rooms.... bedroom is on the left and study room is on the right... i think and re-think... finally the left side of the brain said sleep! keke Anyway, i found another reason for the laziness. The lack of exercise. I still remember i always take the chance whenever i went jogging to formulise trading ideas or creative ways to use XPertTrader. I think i did blog about ang mo shi fu said that, inorder to be in tip top condition for trading, healthy lifestyle is a must as it keeps your mind agile. Hence another step i am taking would be to incoporate exercising. Soon i will influence my team mates to run around empress place as well as esplanade, maybe even padang. I just love the sunset in the evening in that area. I still remember standing at one fullerton with full view of marina bay back in 2005.... i pointed to Ritz Carlton hotel and declare to my ex-gf, that one day..... just one day... i want to share my trading experience with an audience in a ballroom...... and i want to grace the stage of many auditoriums.... she just smiled and said nothing...... no wonder she is no longer my gf. haha

The seminar on 4th Aug has closed. I guess most seized the chance to grab their seats because it is a ChartNexus event. This seminar will be special because the topics will be on trading ideas for the upcoming National Day. Old timers will know, this is one of the calendar date where market behaves in a predictable manner. Lobangs aplenty!

I took my profits for Cosco Corp shorts leaving Noble shorts. The reason being, my CFD 30 days is up and i had to choose between auto roll over or i just take the profit. I choose the latter. I shall wait for higher levels or another trending stock to short. Perhaps i should pay more attention to HSI. I have the knack to index direction. Somehow to me, candlestick analysis, trendlines and one oscillator works well for me when i trade index.

Curent market is on it's toes... be very careful. It doesn't take a genius to observed that when Dow plunges more than 2%, STI lets go a small fart. When Dow rallies more than 2%, STI lets go also a small fart. My shifu says, right now, just take a view on the market and take the position. Neither the bulls nor the bears are interested to push in our market. With the 2 days wild swing, i may have to re-look at my shorts.

Swiber: a stock that XPertTrader rule picks up to go down. With Swiber heading down in such spectacular fashion, i will be looking at a test to the last support at 1.98. A lateral view will be to look at swissco.

Oceanus: A stock to watch because i like the good base before the breakout. This is where i will deploy the breakout strategy if 430 is taken out. Any pull back, i would hesistate if 380 is broken. XPertTrader 4r1g signal triggered.

Hi-P: Despite high oil price, their earnings improved. Though i didn't follow up on the story, i think i better do it soon. I tend to ignore this stock because it's industry is being squeezed by the high oil price. Looks like time to re-look this little giant. From the chart, a short-term opportunuity looks to be knocking on the door. Indicators starting to look good. Volume build up looks nice.

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