Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bad news ignored

The market has been ignoring all the bad news and absorbing them very well with the index keep heading higher. It baffled me and i was so tempted to turn long because as a rule of thumb, if the market doesn't go down with bad news, it means it will turn up. But looking at the market, i notice many rallies had no decent follow through and hence held back. I told myself, if market really is turning up, the next sell-off will be well absorbed and we move higher. The price actions thus far has not been that of a typical bull market. The profits from Chartered becomes very precious because i had to cut loss on Allgreen when it threatens to break 1.30... so it became eat pig pay dog. The most boring part is.... there was a sell signal on 20th Feb in the market (4g1r on STI) and according to the system, 21st Feb i should look to short sell. But due to my busy work schedule i had to give it a miss. Nevermind though... market is always there!
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DJ: although a brutal sell off happened on Friday due to AIG and UBS more than expected loss. Is this a surprise to the market? I do not think so. All along, it is plain obvious this is the sector to short and anything out from them is expected to be bad. So why the sell-off? I think it is just an excuse to take profit. Either this, or the last rally was actually a chance for smartmoney to get the hell out! But since it closed just nice at the triangle support. I shall observe the rebound. Either we have a Triangle pattern failure or we have a upwards breakout of the A-triangle.

Monday at open, i shall observe the selling... because to me, if market dips below 3000 and able to bounce back, it would have been supported at the triangle trend support.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an inducement to buy or sell. You should do your own analysis on top of my postings.