Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Gosh! Time really flies and this is the 3rd Christmas greeting coming from GrowMoney Author. : ) Journey thus far has been very fulfilling and i have so much fond memories but as per usual, i will leave the reflection on my trading career on the last day of the year. haha

24th will see our minimum bid size changed. I wonder how this will affect the index movement... Friday was a good good day... regionally most index charts finished with a hammer pattern. It will be wonderful if we can close a white candle on the weekly for the coming week. After the clean clean flush on Monday, we never looked back and the rebound was completed by Friday. S shares roamed the top volume charts. This reminded me of the QDII fund...some say it will start in Jan...

My game plan going forward is still to track HSI, plus my system has picked up a stock few stocks.

GrowMoney QuickPicks

I will be looking out for a quiet 24th and market to trade flat.. that to me will be an excellent chance to load light into the holidays. With so many writedowns by the banks and the government with foreign investors happy to provide liquidity to the credit crunch, the market may not die yet. Especially when bad news after bad news keep coming into the market and Dow Jones stood firm.. I like that.

Finally, Merry Christmas to all! and May all of us have a Bountiful Year End rally!

DISCLAIMER: This is not an inducement to buy or sell. You should do your own analysis on top of my postings.