Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Market Anticipation

I am back!!! Gosh..before i left, i was hoping market consolidate on tues and wed then just nice rally on thurs to welcome me it has done the opposite!!! :D

Refering to my anticipation on 17th July 2006. Our market is really going to take out 2450. I could see a higher low and higher high going to form. How nice! :D But!! It remains to be seen. Global indices have once again marching up high..Especially Hang Seng. But then again, this incline has been healthy with profit taking along the way, so I should not be surprise if the march up continues. If the march up continues, what should I do? What are the warning signs? Time to refresh my memory on past heartaches.

Jtech and Sino-env are showing signs of pulling back on weakness after breakout. Should I "masuk" now? Then there is the sudden strength in commodities stocks, Noble & Olam. I am late in this group!!!! Damn! But what to do, got to work. One day....just one day, I am going to walk out of my employment! As for ship repair sector, brilliant! Cosco behaves nicely just like it's group. This is what i learn from Livermore. He said to look at industry and sister stock. While i'm not sure if Cosco is a female or a male, one thing's for sure, it's ship repair arm is making money, just like Labroy Marine and Semb Marine. For now, the stock price of this group keep going north with Cosco and Semb Mar at all time high...Labroy will catch up soon. Now i'm waiting for one of these 3 stocks to show negative movements, this to me is a warning sign to heed.

As for tomorrow, it's gonna be Friday day after and a holiday next week. I will be watching index warrants instead.