Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lessons I won't forget

Tomorrow I'll be having my 5th AGM with my girlfriend! Yea, I ran my relationship like a listed company! haha Each year we will discuss the past year's performance of the relationship at some nice place and then forecast the coming year's expectations and milestones. hahaha So far we had only 2 EGMs in this relationship! I think it's down to those AGMs where we set expectations right. I found out the hard way before, how 2 individuals going into a relationship will result in conflicts and misunderstandings and that this time round I don't want to leave it to chance.

Now in this relationship, I avoided all the past mistakes I made earlier. This is the same as trading. We cannot just keep making the same mistakes over and over again! Both the EGMs were results of me working too hard and neglecting her. The last EGM was a major turning point. There is this lesson i learnt that i will always remind myself of, money is not everything. Then, I was just into trading and was losing my pants off. Morale was low and i was embarrassed by my trading results. Hence I dived into deep research and read whatever T.A books i can lay my hands on, seven days a week. I never gave up for I know I want to do trading for the rest of my life. Throughout this period, i sleep, eat, talk trading to anyone and everyone. One fine day, I won money in the market and was happily updating her when she broke out tearfully in one of those rare moment of madness, "All you care about are money and shares!" The words cut me deep. Here I was facing the woman I love and I had hurt her in the process of creating a wonderful future ironic. Now you guys know why the picture on the left isn't smiling? :D Money lost can be earned back, relationships soured will leave a scar...

I asked myself, so what if I can win lots of money when the one whom I worked so hard for, isn't there to share the joy? What are my values in life? I then found my anwers, I didn't have a mission in life and that trading is all i care. Have you ever stop and ask yourself, other than for the money, why do you want to trade?Without a mission, I have no directions in life except to perfect my trading skills. Now I know perfectly what I want in life and trading is just a mean to get there. Whenever I took a loss or on a series of losses, that is what kept me going. My life is not going to be just about winning in the stock market. I envision the day when I can sit together with my aged folks and wife at my backyard watching my kids playing on the lush green knowing all our financial needs are sufficiently covered and no one can take that away from me.

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