Monday, June 05, 2006

Sniper in Action

Like a sniper, i have a list of stocks which i'm interested in and waiting patiently for a chance to put on a trade. I decided to stay discipline and would not put on a poor risk/reward trade in this time of volatility. Although I may not post article as frequent as last time, but that is because the market has started drifting on light volume and horse playing along the 2400 mark. I will only buy only when it is near support for now. Remember, if you spot a bottom correctly, it is lucrative!

England Vs Paraguay
I have little information on Paraguay but I like the way England is enjoying football in the warm up matches. I don't see how Paraguay can avoid a defeat in the opening game. More updates on the World Cup to come. Since market is boring, we can chat about soccer too! :D

Germany Vs Costa Rica
This is a particular new German team to me, i'm still stuck with old names. Haven't seen them play before. Lai lai tell me what you think about Germany?