Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hold Your Breath!

Wow, the more I look at the charts, the more bearish i feel. I saw many charts trading at or near resistance, upside is pretty limited. Hence, unless Ben speaks favourably, otherwise we are going to test lows. If Ben speaks favourably, we will breakout convincingly. China stocks covered their opening common gaps today. Infact most of them close with a white candle signifying buying interest. But still to me, it's like playing big or small in a casino. While many choose to stand aside prefering to affirm Ben's speech, some daredevils seize the chance to play contarian for a favourable speech.

Hongguo: Brother HongXing has bucked the trend and moved up astonishingly. Surely it will trigger Hongguo to move???

Celestial: Once a market darling, recently struggling at resistance 1.40

Rotary: A wide angled view

Cosco: STI component, if Ben behave himself, STI will rally! Today's volume broke 50 ma of volume! Something will happen and very soon.

Good luck everyone!

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