Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A reluctant Bull

The sell down on Tuesday caught me by surprise. It came unexpectedly after a very good Monday. The good thing was, most of the counters I charted remained on their resistance turn support. However I do notice that most of the breakout has fizzled out. While I do not want to do a mirage in the middle of a desert, I do see shadows of the bears still lurking around.

With a volume of 1 billion worth of shares traded today, SESDAQ our penny stocks makes it's impact felt. Bluechips were caught idling and not moving alot except for an outstanding few. The rest were simply caught napping. Marine sector and Property sector were pretty mixed. With glimpses of a breakout, they strolled back to where they started towards the end. The real stars today ought to be the tech stocks. They are sitting nicely on support. Check out my charts on Tuesday if you wish to know how I feel abt them.

I have been trading simsci alot lately. It is such an exciting and rewarding instrument if you know how to make use of it properly. Infact I thought it was easier to trade on simsci than stocks. Stocks generally take a longer time to really move say 10 bids? But within the same day, simsci can move up or down in the same range! Lots of T.A is needed for simsci. After trading for 4 days, i have won and lost. Currently sitting on a peanut (not Durai brand) profit. I had lost control only once when I got to complacent to put a stop limit before I went for a coffee break. It was my most expensive coffee break in my life time! haha If I have slotted in the stop loss, I would be sitting on a decent profit. Cut loss fast when u r wrong and you will see profit gowing at a faster pace than stocks.





Can decipher win the warrants game? I have been sitting on profits all through the competition so far! haha Maybe I should trade warrants from now on. : )