Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Property counters stayed strong, Decipher trades SIMSCI!

While the market sashays up and down the chart, Property counters totally ignored the trend. We saw heavy selling after lunch but by closing, lower shawdows were formed and some even closed in positive. The trading volume is light today. My guess is there was no news to spike movement in either direction. Oil price continues to slide. All we need will be a good day tonight at the US market to give us some directions for tomorrow's actions.

The reason for Ho Bee's magnificient run:
Ho Bee Buys Amber Rd Site
A classic example of T.A picks up buying interest before the news.

Tech plays were back today. CSM finished the strongest. I like the chart of CSM but I won't paint the chart until I see a buy signal. Currently it's just looking nice and no buy signal for me. The only part worth mentioning is the gap up and volume increase of more than 50% than previous.

Semb Marine was shot down as feared. I always respect Shooting Star of all the candle signals.

SIMSCI update: Waiting patiently at support 267.7 , Resistance at 274.8

Cosco Corp

Capital Land