Friday, December 22, 2017

BitCoins and Cryptos

It's Christmas!  I remember i used to look forward to Santa rally back in those days... how naive... haha  but to all those who started trading after blumont crash in 2013, before that it is really easy... Singapore market would just follow US, HK closely...  nowadays we can only salivates as we see those two markets break new highs  and STI???  Pui chao nua...

Anyway, market changes from time to time. We as traders need to adapt. Go with the flow and follow the tempo.. not a time to be bullish just wait.  Don't be like those bitcoin chasers... at USD2000 they call it a bubble and scam...  but at USD20k, everyone wants a piece of it.  I am out at USD2k plus using coinbase and xfers for those interested to know.  I just wanna try how it works, then the more i read the more i dislike.  The day China govt shut down the exchanges, i am out.  Then i realise all those syndicates smuggling, drug cartels, hackers...  bad people in short maybe benefiting from this.  By participating, am i funding their crimes?  Oh my god.

Then today i read Goldman Sachs may form a trading desk by June 2018 to trade cryptos.  Greed of Wall street is really horrible.  I cannot imagine when they start to package it and then sell to the commoners...  Financial Tsunami part 2 on the cards.

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