Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Key Take Aways From Investment Talk

For those of you who weren't at the NTUC Auditorium for the Investment talk organised by Lim & Tan Securities, let me share with you the key take aways. Very simple, 3 main sectors to focus on, Construction, Marine & Offshore and Financial Services. These are sectors I heard from SIAS Research speaker Terence Wong. Of course the talk is more than that but my brain can only remember these...keke i salivates at the free information! keke As for my own 40 mins, I introduce Technical analysis to the audience with some key concepts in a straight forward manner. Nothing much.

GrowMoney QuickPicks

At close today, I bought HSICW for quickie trade again. Currently I'm holding Noble and STIPW. The all important speech by Big Ben is ready to set the direction for market. We had rebounded nicely and i notice, everytime we threatened to the downside, we are matched with bargain hunters equally hungry to buy the shares. Volume though low, but I keep noticing how individual stocks or smaller caps and mid caps, some are with volume and many are trading near the pre meltdown levels. I am cautiously bullish abt the direction. At the next pull back, watch for the strength of the pull back, if it's healthy, i will add on more stocks.

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