Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tech Stocks rumble

Tech stocks has been quiet for a long time. Today they started to breath fire. My XpertTrader scans for rotational plays showed plenty of tech stocks. GlobalTest, MemoryD, UTAC, Chartered, DMX, DataCraft. Buying tech stocks is never easy, highly volatile! My favourite would be DataCraft. Superb business growth, share buy back, yet the stock price has been in a depression. Weekly chart looks set to form a reversal pattern, price had kissed the 50ma.

As for indices, i am still waiting by the sideline. North Korea has added tension in Asia Bourse and one would expect high volatile movement. For those who had the guts, you may try when HSI rebound off 17,700s level, this level has been retested 2 times. 3rd time lucky? But upside is capped at 17,867 thereabouts. As for nikkei, 16,400 resistance turns support. Let's see how this support holds.

A key reminder, earning season is here! Lookout for stocks with promising growth!!!

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